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Those moments. Those entire nights. You have her all to yourself. She just lies there watching the movie infront of you. Her arms tucked up infront of her. Her hands nestled beneath her head. You watch how her body moves as she breaths. Your eyes roaming all over her skin. Then you touch her, just resting you upon her hip softly. She jumps a little, turns and smiles at you then returns to the film. You feel warm, a blissful feeling as your fingers trip their way over her skin. She purrs and scrunches her shoulders in quiet contentment sensing the movements without watching. Shuffling backward against you, safe, happy, yours!

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I could never cheat in a relationship.

WHY? Because if I spent so much time trying to win over that person’s heart & make them feel like everything I ever wanted in life, why would I trick myself into believing the next thing available is worth losing everything? If you feel like you’re different from everyone else, why would you put yourself in the category of being cliche. Don’t cheat it’s not cool.

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